Founding Members and “100 Pioneers Club”

It is easy to join our “Club”, simply be one of the first 100, individuals, teams, and/or businesses, donating $1,000 or more. Members of the group will hold a special place in the history of the US Women’s Rugby Foundation.

The Foundation gratefully thanks our “Pioneers” for believing in our mission, and helping us to transform the future of girls and women in rugby

100 Pioneers:

  • Danita Knox, Alum Atlanta Harlequins WRFC
  • Terry Owen, Alum Florida State University WRFC
  • Suzi Rosen, Alum Florida State University WRFC
  • Lisa Durham, Alum Atlanta Valkeries WRFC
  • Bev Armstrong, Beantown RFC
  • Clare Sup, Alum Florida State University WRFC
  • Mary Holmes, Alum Florida State University WRFC
  • William Holmes, Supporter of Women’s Rugby
  • Jackie Watts, Alum Houston Heathen Hearts & Florida State University WRFCs
  • Jamie Jisa, Alum University of Montana/Missoula’s Betterside & Northern Virginia WRFCs
  • Tania Hahn, Alum New Orleans Halfmoons WRFC
  • Dana Jackson, Atlanta Harlequins WRFC
  • Annie Collier, New York RFC
  • Holly Gaff, Norfolk Storm WRFC, Alum Washington DC Furies, Maryland Stingers, Atlanta Harlequins, Berkeley All Blues, Smoky Mountain, Stone Lion, & University of Tennessee WRFCs
  • CJ Jones, Alum Coast, Purdue, Hoydens, Combined Services, Storm, Beantown, Furies, & Norfolk WRFCs
  • Lisa O’Donnell, Alum Naples WRFC
  • Julia McCoy, Alum New Orleans Halfmoons WRFC & Ozark Ladies RFC
  • Vicki Hudson, Alum University of Florida, Orlando Alouettes, San Francisco, St. Louis WRFCs, Berkeley All-Blues & United States Combined Services
  • David Pelton, Supporter of Women's Rugby
  • Deb King, Alum Norfolk Storm, Combined Services, Gypsies, Hartford Roses, Indianapolis Hoydens, Purdue University, & Coast WRFCs
  • Penn State Women's Rugby
  • World Rugby Shop
  • Dawn White