US Women’s Rugby Foundation offers limited need-based grants as part of our mission to foster and sustain the growth of women’s rugby in the US. As the Foundation recognizes that participating in rugby may be cost prohibitive for many, we seek to provide financial assistance to girls and women who play, coach and referee rugby.

Girls’ Rugby Grant: USWRF funds are available to teams and individual players. Applicants must play for or represent teams that serve girls 19 years and younger. While we invite applications from any program that serves girls, programs that work with under-served populations of girls will be given priority in the selection process. Grant funds will be awarded July 1 and January 15.

Applications Deadlines:

  • July 1 Grants: Apply by March 1. Recipients will be announced May 1.
  • January 15 Grants: Apply by October 1. Recipients will be announced November 30.
  • Any application that is late, incomplete, or requesting funds for an event or purchase of equipment that will occur before the applicant would receive the grant money will NOT be considered.
  • The USWRF will consider funding the following: scrumcaps, vests, balls, tackling bags, uniforms, referee fees, union dues, tournament fees, and special coaching/clinic related costs. Though we prefer not to fund travel (gas, airfare, food, lodging, mileage or similar costs) we understand that travel may fall under 'clinic related costs'. Applicants may apply for travel assistance but we urge you to make the connection to youth development explicit.

Special Request Grants*: For use by all non-youth program grants. Grant awards for consideration in this in category support the larger women’s rugby community through initiatives that address organizational capacity, retention or outreach for girls and women’s rugby.

*Please submit a one-page letter of intent to apply. Provide a synopsis of the project and the requested funding amount. If appropriate, include other ways you plan to generate funds and quantify project services, such as the number of participants served. The board will review letters of intent and if they find the request in line with the mission of USWRF will invite applicant to submit a full proposal.

Grant Process and FAQs

Who is eligible?

Individual applicants and all members of a team must:

  • be female U.S. citizens or legal residents and be eligible to compete for a U.S. national team.
  • have amateur status.
  • be CIPP’d and in good standing with USA Rugby
  • be a member, an administer, or a coach of a girls’ or women’s rugby team
  • individual applicants, if a minor, must have parents jointly sign application
  • if a team, the team must have 15 active, CIPP’d members and be CIPP’d as a club by USA Rugby
  • an individual or team may be awarded only one grant per calendar year. In order to provide support to as many athletes and teams as possible, requests for funding by past grantees are not guaranteed, and chances may decrease with each successful funding application. A maximum of three grants can be awarded to an individual or team in a lifetime.

How much funding may I request?

Applicants may apply for awards up to $1000. All applications must include a detailed budget and timeline. USWRF reserves the right to request documentation supporting the use of funds.

How do I apply?

The first step to applying for a Girls Rugby Grant is to complete the Grant Application. Those applying for a Special Request Grant should submit a Letter of Intent for consideration. You may be asked to provide additional information later, as the foundation reviews your application.

May I apply jointly?

Yes, joint applicants are eligible providing all applicants meet all of the qualifications of a grant recipient.

For what may I apply?

You may apply for funding for any material or costs associated with your rugby experience. Your grant award must be used directly for girls’ or women’s rugby.

May I apply for a recurring or multi-year grant?

There are no explicit restrictions on grant applications.

Where do I send my application and supporting documents?

Email documents to or

How will I be notified if I am awarded the grant?

All applicants will be notified via email of acceptance or denial. Awards will also be posted online at

May I reapply if I am denied?

Yes, if you are denied you may request feedback from the selection committee, amend your proposal and resubmit application.

What are my responsibilities if awarded the grant?

  • provide the Foundation with brief article along with 3- 5 high resolution photos to be posted on the Foundation website (for an example see
  • develop a press release announcing the awarding of the grant to your local press
  • place the Foundation’s logo (HTML will be provided) with a hyperlink to the Foundation homepage on team website listed as a sponsor for a year
  • display Foundation’s brochures at home games for the season (will be provided)

What if I just want to donate to girls’ rugby?

Simply indicate on your donation that your preference is to support The Girls Rugby Fund. See ways to donate at