The US Women’s Rugby Foundation is committed to fostering and sustaining the growth of girls’ and women’s rugby.


Women’s rugby is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. In order to meet the challenge of supporting this growth and assure girls and women have a voice, agency, and opportunities to participate the Foundation seeks to be:

  • An advocate for players, coaches, administrators, referees and their allies to advance girls and women in rugby.
  • An archive for the history of women’s rugby and a research site for scholars and practitioners.
  • An educational resource for the continuous evolution of women as players, coaches, administrators, and referees.
  • A benefactor for the women’s national and developmental teams.


  • Women’s National Teams – create an auxiliary funding pipeline to bolster player development activities and help ease the financial burden on national players and coaches.
  • Women’s Rugby Coaching Association (WRCA) – provide current and aspiring women coaches and/or referee’s a network of support and a public forum to discuss the state of women coaching rugby.
  • Youth – encourage the development of youth programs by offering financial support through our Girls Rugby Grant.
  • Collegiate – identify and develop resources that support the growth and quality of college programs along the continuum from fully funded varsity programs to clubs with no access to university resources.
  • Women – facilitate idea and resource sharing between clubs through focused events.
  • Community – host events that celebrate our history and encourage retired players to return to the game. Documentation of the history of women’s rugby in the United States.